Our Association is a vital link between our neighborhood boundaries and that of local government agencies to try and gain a higher plateau of community awareness and togetherness. Many functions and factions that affect Strawberry Farms can only be combatted by a unified and deliberate focus by its' own residents.

Why have an Association?

We have an Association so we can have pride of ownership to our community. We can enhance the values of our homes by having a "WE CARE" community. All residents have a collective voice for police, fire, traffic, block watch, street repair, surrounding development, and activities for our residents. Collectively, many things throughout the years have produced many outstanding benefits to live in this neighborhood. Some include, our own park, new traffic light, a bike path, festivals, Easter Egg hunts, holiday awards, landscaping awards, newsletter advertising, guest speakers to our Association; just to name a few!

What does it take to join?

$12.00 per family per year. $10.00 goes towards the general fund, while $2.00 goes towards our park. Advertising is $10.00 per newsletter for member, and $25.00 per newsletter for non-members. All ads must be black and white business card size, and must be approved by the board in order to be printed in our newsletter. There are 10 newsletter per year, only November and December has no newsletter.

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Strawberry Farms Civic Association