Blendon Woods Civic Association

The original association was created in 1988. It started out as a block watch group, but because there was a lot of new construction happening in the area the organizers decided to create a civic association from the block watch group. This newly formed civic association was called “The Blendon Estates Civic Association.”

Our subdivision was built as three phases: Blendon Estates – Phase I; Blendon Estates – Phase II; and The Woods at Blendon. The original association was formed from residents of the first two phases, thus the name: Blendon Estates Civic Association. After The residents of The Woods at Blendon asked to join the group its name was changed to “The Blendon Woods Civic Association.” A few years later, a new section was developed off of Broadview Road (with houses on Panorama and Swingley Drives) was also approved to join the group.BWCA’s current geographical boundaries are: North – Beaver Head; South – Broadview Road; West – Wolf Run Drive; East – Eagle Head Drive.

There are currently 325 homes that are in our civic association. Roughly 65% of the homeowners are dues paying members of the association. We plan several events throughout the year: an Annual Spring Garage Sale, the Fourth of July Parade, and a Pumpkin Party in October. We have an annual dues drive. We publish a neighborhood directory as well as bi-monthly newsletter. Because the city of Columbus does not always plow our streets in the winter we had decided a few years ago to ask residents for additional money to plow our own streets. The snow plowing is paid for out of the general fund.

Alison Colvin, Representing Blendon Woods Civic Association
Alison Colvin recently became the NCC Representative for the Blendon Woods Civic Association. Alison has a degree in journalism from Central Michigan University and graphic design from Columbus State. She currently works for the marketing department at the YMCA of Central Ohio’s Metropolitan Offices in downtown Columbus, specializing in graphics and photography. Alison and her husband, Noah, have lived in Blendon Woods since 2011 with their dog, Daphne. Despite being a Michigan native, Alison has no strong affiliation to any sports teams in Michigan. She loves photography, and is passionate about the YMCA’s work in the community.