NCC News

Many NCC Member Organizations publish regular newsletters or magazines in order to share information throughout their neighborhood. Each reflects the unique spirit, history and sub-culture of the organization and neighborhood that created it. Some of those publications are available on their Member Organizations Page.

By consensus, it is an acceptable practice for NCC members to reprint one another’s original content provided that they credit the source and author

The Northland Plan
The Northland Plan Area 1 (2001) and Northland Plan Area 2 (2002) were produced by the City of Columbus, with the assistance of the Northland Community Council, for the purpose of expressing their intentions for zoning and land-use throughout the area. While deviations from these documents have occurred over time, they continue to represent the basic plan for development in north Columbus and serve as guidelines for all engaged in related activities.

Northland Community Design Studio
The Northland Community Design Studio “Visioning a Connected Community” demonstrates how functional design can be incorporated into landmark-quality community features. The project was undertaken by Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture and Engineering under the direction of Jesus Lara, PhD.