The Salem Civic Association (SCA) was originally founded in 1969 and was most recently re-chartered with the City of Columbus in 2007. It represents over 2,000 Salem-area residents to a number of civic bodies and municipal offices, including the Columbus City Council, Office of the Mayor and the Northland Community Council on issues of public safety, zoning, development and more. The SCA also provides a platform for community-building & advocacy, and represents a commitment on behalf of the residents of Salem to promote, maintain and continuously better their neighborhood.

The boundaries of Salem are defined as State Route 161 to the north, the railroad tracks along Indianola Ave to the west, Interstate 71 to the east, and Morse Rd. to the south. It includes a number of developments, including Salem Village, Chaseland Manors, Pencader and Indianola Estates. Landmarks within Salem include Chaseland Park, Salem Elementary School, and Bob Poste Lake.

Today, Salem is a neighborhood in transition with many young families joining a community that is still home to a significant percentage of its original residents. This mix has produced a local culture that blends youthful vigor with quiet, tree-lined streets and endless opportunities for social engagement. That culture, paired with great proximity to major commercial centers (like Polaris Fashion Place and Easton Towne Center) and easy access major traffic arteries (including I-71, Morse Road and High Street) make Salem a very desirable place to live.

Participation in the Salem Civic Association is voluntary and open to all residents, businesses and other stakeholders. The association is very active, and meets in-whole on the 4th Tuesday of each month (except for December). Visit for more information.