Our Strawberry Farms Community Association is a voluntary group of residents who choose to pay an small annual fee to support neighborhood activities and beautification.

Why have an Association?

We have an Association so we can have pride of ownership to our community. All residents have a collective voice for police, fire, traffic, block watch, street repair, surrounding development, and activities for our residents.

Some of the benefits the association has brought over the years:

  • Improvements to the park
  • Fall Festival
  • Egg Hunt
  • Holiday Awards
  • Landscaping Awards
  • Newsletters
  • Guest Speakers at Meetings
  • The Neighborhood PRIDE project in 2018

Some benefits to living in Strawberry Farms include:

  • Access to the Alum Creek Trail
  • Easy access to the freeway
  • Columbus utilities and taxes and Westerville schools
  • A tight-knit community with neighbors who care

What does it take to join?

$20 per family per year. You may join online or my mail. StrawberryFarms.org has details.